Laboratory coater

    The laboratory coater is the product of a cooperation project with JHT Geilenkirchen for a large chemical company based in Switzerland.

    Rather than being based on the implementation of the desired technology, the task was concerned with the desired flexibility of various tasks of coating options.


    The advantages of NST drive and control technology:


    • Energy-optimized system design through performance analysis

    • Energy-saving supply / regenerative concepts in the field of web guide drives

    • Increased system availability by using the latest servo technology

    • Modular design to suit the individual customer solution

    • Remote maintenance service through the control of drives and visualizations

    • Data collection and integration of data to the customer's own database system

    • Reproducible production parameters for quality assurance

    • Ease of maintenance due to modular technology of the frequency convertor up to the PLC

    • Simplified fault analysis using intelligent visualization and failure signal concept

    • Strong backing by careful selection of suppliers

    • Integration of alternative energy sources in the system concept