Retrofit drives

    Productivity and quality through integration of the latest automation technology of obsolete equipment.


    Production must nowadays be especially fast, safe, and set up to be energy-efficient and reproducible to enable economic use by companies.


    Which measures are needed if you have an existing system which is getting on in years? Due to the diverse experience of employees at Neo System Tec GmbH in the field of drive and control engineering, such systems can be analyzed and upgraded cost-effectively.


    One customer has taken advantage of this knowledge in the plastics and coating technology to analyze and modernize their complete coating system.

    Retrofit of several mixing lines

    Increase production and improve quality through scalable processes and their evaluation with process control management.


    The modular design of the NST - PCM system allows the customer a price-optimized retrofit of plant with the latest technology. Due to high flexibility, even more process-relevant data can be recorded and assigned to the appropriate orders and batches. The network capability allows the NST - PCM system to define different jobs with the associated roles.


    As a result, for example, the dispatcher can access the job data, process it quickly and see how far it has been processed. Purchasing is able to monitor the raw material inventory and order just in time. Development, on the other hand, can create and maintain the necessary weighing and mixing instructions as well as draw on the recorded data to form conclusions and optimize the processes.

    Retrofit of a screen printing machine

    Retrofit of an control cabinet