Mixing technology

    Neo System Tec developed a forward-looking recipe management for mixing systems. All this and more offers our developed mixing systems automation.


    For plant visualisation and recipe management we developed a forward-looking product, the NST recipe management. Complex productions with quick changes need a flexible and easily administrable recipe management with batch tracing. This and more is offered by our NST recipe management.

    Plant visualization

    Based on a MySQL database with the self-explanatory user interface you can manage your stock, prepare recipes and mixing programms and carry out a complete job planning. The recipe management is a multi-user system configurable on each work station. There is a particular use for planning, purchasing, quality management and the laboratory. Another highlight is the integrated multi-language capability with online-switching.


    All dosing data and the mixing processes will be fully archived and order related stored. For process enhancement you can search the archives for the wanted data. To improve the search results it is possible to use free configurable filter criteria.


    The NST recipe management provides the interface between planning and production of recipe-bound products. The mixing recipe and the weighing recipe are defined and stored seperately and subsumed into a master recipe. For this reason a mixing process needs to be developed only once and can be used for other weighing recipes as well.


    The mixing recipe consists of maximal 30 different planning steps with up to 3 parallel control phases. These may be configured freely according to the range of functions of the plant. The integration of special functions is possible as well. The NST recipe management is network-compatible and contains the feasibility to supply several plants with data.

    Recipe management

    The NST recipe management offers considerable advantages compared to common recipe management software. A balance oriented dosing dataset can be created. This increases the system availability and thanks to the automatic self-optimization for each balance a ideal dosing result is ensured.


    Features of the recipe management clear and brief


    • Free system configuration by flexible definition of the products, the stock allocation and the mixing plant

    • Free definition of mixing, weighing and master recipes

    • Free definition of mixing functions

    • Gathering of product data and batch traceability of individual doses, the individual batches, the mixing processes and the overall order

    • Planning charges

    • Stock control